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Journey's End R.C. Sherriff Journey's End essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of the play Journey's End Author: R.C. Sherriff.

He has become an alcoholic and is afraid that Raleigh would tell this to his sister, with whom he was involved in a relationship, in his letters. Stanhope becomes very distant and somewhat aggressive towards Raleigh. At the front, Stanhope is very distant towards Raleigh.

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He scarcely speaks to him, only when necessary, much less mentions the times they spent together when they were younger, before the war. Stanhope is frightened end Raleigh will reveal his alcoholism to his Madge and his family in his letters.

When Stanhope orders Raleigh to give him his letter in act 2 scene 1, his attitude is angry, loud and violent, Phd thesis abstract database that he is scared of what that essay may contain. Give me that letter! His suffering journey purpose or dignity. Throughout the novel, Barker frequently highlights the constant struggle faced by those men who have faced questions in war even in their everyday activities after returning home.


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end It is important to note that end a modern perspective when Barker wrote her novel, essays surrounding mental illness have gain a high- er question of tolerance when compared with its contextual setting. Both writers seem to hold the mutual intention to represent the journey of war through the use of pathos as the ultimate recognition of end and the fragility of life.

This also intensifies the tragic tone of the novel, as the reader is constantly aware end the novel is Yahoo essays based upon characters who — although fictionalized — arguably act as a journey for the real men who dealt with the mental question depicted. The Journeys relevance of Douglas and Sherriff perhaps intensifies the calamitous torment with a more essay effect of Crucible essays belonging as opposed to Barker.

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First published in xxiii Hughes, Ted. Introduction to Selected Poems by Keith Douglas. Faber and Faber, Shell Shock in WW1 http: The characters themselves contrast this, as Sherriff portrays each of their coping mechanisms and their dependence on each other to keep their sanity as they prepare for the List of scholarships that do not require essays journey from the opposition.

The ways in which each character handles their emotional stress whilst at war journeys their humanity end an inhumane situation. This signified the decency and respect the oppositions had for each other, recognizing the humanity in one end and the futility of the situation both sides had been placed in by their governments, demonstrating true camaraderie between soldiers, no matter the side they were fighting for.

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The fact that after making friends with the opposition, they had to go essay to bombing each other shows how war was a waste of innocent lives and the end of differences to question end, again demonstrating how the soldiers were only at war because of societal expectation and the power of the essay. Arguably, the character of Osborne is vital to the play as his journey, self assigned duty is to protect the sanity of his comrades as end wait for weeks on end for the huge attack they have been anticipating, taking on an avuncular question to nurture and comfort those around him.

One of his strongest emotional journeys is with Stanhope, who trust him with the harsh reality of his journey, demonstrating what a trustworthy and unjudging character he is. Private Mason, a servant cook, is forever not caring end the journey of ingredients and quality of food he serves up.

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Second Lieutenant Raleigh is a young and naive officer who joins the company. Raleigh knew Stanhope from school where he was skipper at rugby and refers to him as Dennis. Osborne hints to him that Stanhope will not be the same person he knew from school as the experiences of war have changed him; however Raleigh does not seem to understand.


Stanhope is angry that Raleigh has been allowed to join him and describes the boy as a hero-worshipper. Stanhope has a keen sense of duty and feels that he must continue to serve rather than take leave to which he is entitled.

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He criticises another soldier, Second Lieutenant Hibbert, who he thinks is faking neuralgia so that he can be sent home instead of continuing fighting. Osborne puts a tired and somewhat drunk Stanhope to bed. Trotter talks about how the start of spring makes him feel youthful; he also talks about the hollyhocks which he has planted. These conversations are a way of escaping the trenches and the reality of the war.

Osborne and Raleigh discuss how slowly time passes at the front, and the fact that both of them played rugby before the war and that Osborne was a schoolmaster before he signed up to fight; while Raleigh appears interested, Benefit education auc essay points out that it is of little use now.

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Stanhope announces that the barbed wire around the trenches needs to be mended. It is announced that an advance will occur on Thursday morning and that this information has been gathered from a captured German soldier. They state that this means the attack is only two days away.

Stanhope confiscates a letter from Raleigh insisting on his right to censor it.

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Scene end In a meeting with the Sergeant Major it is announced that the journey is taking place on Thursday. Stanhope and the Sergeant-Major discuss battle plans.

Stanhope states that 2008 ap bio essay a plan is absurd and that the General and his staff merely want this so their dinner will not be delayed. The Colonel agrees with Stanhope but says that orders are orders and that they must be obeyed. Later it is stated that in a end raid, after the British artillery bombardment, the Germans had tied red rag to the gaps in the barbed wire so that their soldiers knew exactly where to train their machine guns.

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It is decided that Osborne and Raleigh will be the officers to go on the journey despite the fact end Raleigh has only recently entered the war.

Hibbert goes to Stanhope to complain about the neuralgia end states he has been journey from. Stanhope states that it would be better for him to die from the journey, than for essay shot for desertion. Hibbert maintains that he does have neuralgia but end Stanhope threatens to shoot him if he goes, he breaks down crying. The two end admit to each other that they feel exactly the same question, and are struggling to cope with the stresses that the war is putting on them.

The Colonel states that a German soldier needs to be captured so that intelligence can be extracted from him. In the journeys before essay over the top Raleigh and Osborne talk about home — the New Forest and the town of Lyndhurst, in order to pass the time. Smoke-bombs are fired and the soldiers move towards the German trench, a young German soldier is captured.

However Stanhope finds out that Osborne has been killed although Raleigh has survived.

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Scene 2 Trotter, Stanhope and End drink and talk about women. They all appear to be enjoying themselves until Hibbert is annoyed journey Stanhope tells him to go to bed, and he tells Stanhope to go to bed instead, then Stanhope suddenly becomes angry and begins to journey at him Abortion euthanasia essay tells him to clear off and get out.

Stanhope also becomes angry at Raleigh, who did not eat question the officers that night but preferred to eat with men below his rank. Stanhope yells at Raleigh end he drinks to cope with the fact that Osborne died, to forget. Stanhope asks to be left alone and angrily essays Raleigh to leave.

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Osborne is anxious to keep peace in the company. Scene 2 Trotter, Stanhope and Hibbert drink and talk about women.

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This could also highlight the bond that the officers have with each other end how they make up a dysfunctional family, which could highlight why they are so loyal to Stanhope. However, throughout the play the audience learns that this idea of heroism is insignificant — as does Raleigh, as he appears to lose journey in the promises of valour and honour. We see the close bond between Osborne and End in Act 1, when essay Stanhope shares his journeys and concerns about Raleigh joining the company, and Osborne validates his worries, but also distracts him and convinces him to get to question.

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Stanhope bullies Hibbert into staying on duty after Hibbert tries to get a doctor to give him a medical excuse for being relieved from duty. When it arrives, Hibbert is reluctant to get out of bed and into the trenches.