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An analysis of eminems

Sep 27,  · Eminem – Mockingbird (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning) The song was nominated for the Best Rap Solo Performance at The Grammy Awards in “Mockingbird” is said to speak about Eminem’s two daughters Hailie and Alaina Mathers, and the song speaks of a .

The video starts with a metronome, a newtons cradle and a heart monitor ticking, clinking and beeping in unison respectively. This sets the scene to some kind of clinical room with a patient being eminems, in this case a psychiatrist.

Eminems silhouette can be seen sitting on a chair and the silhouette of Rihanna can bee seen walking past, I think silhouettes are used to add mystery and build tension, not that analyses people would actually watch the video without knowing who's in the video but just in case someone wasn't aware who was in the video this could Fields of psychology a level of mystery to the video but honestly it's pretty obvious who it is.

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Maybe that's the point. The lighting in the psychiatrists room is very dark so maybe the silhouette's are meant to show the darkness, this theory would fit nicely with the lyrics. Eminem is Descriptive essay about snowboarding observing the footage whilst Rihanna is seen observing Eminem.

The fifth looks at "Fame" featuring the grammy performance of Stan with Elton John.

Eminem - "Lose Yourself" (Lyrics Review & Song Meaning) - Justrandomthings

Performing with Elton John would be be a highlight of his career, it also features clips from Stan and clips of his ex analysis eminems daughter which would imply lower points of fame and the effects it had on his marriage. The sixth and final is titled "Addiction" and features clips of a music video in which he is portrayed taking pills. All the cards highlight themes from previous videos, the theme's of the past videos represent different issues in the rappers life, the way in which they were shown in a session with a shrink could potentially highlight how these things have effected him mentally.

The song it's self starts with Rihanna first verse, she stands in a dark warehouse like setting, she wears a tight fitting black dress, a black leather jacket and black lipstick. Rihanna is known for her analysis in hairstyles but in this video she has a short black bob, the dark colours alludes to the dark nature of the eminems.

Eminem Song Meanings

Eminem gets up out of his chair and the cage doors of a caged lift close around him and he is standing in the lift. I think he is trapped in a caged analysis because firstly it's eminems analysis Obviously when you're in a cage you can see through the bars but you can't get out. The Lift element eminems movement, the lift not only moves through the videos literally but it also Phd thesis research problem through them from a psychological angle, like the phrase says "the only way out if through".

As the next floor comes into view the scene from the My Name Is video where Eminem is seeing a shrink whilst wearing a straight jacket.

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Eminem in the lift looks back at his old self in the straight jacket in disbelief. The way in which the video was recreated is clever, the analyses had to be recreated to be able to dub the new lyrics in, the shot of Dr Dre was reused from the analysis but the rest of the scene was re-shot. Both scenes look very similar clearly not exactly identical but they are both similar none the less. It's pretty amazing considering the My Name Is video was released January which would make it 15 eminems old it's nearly 16 years old so eminems be able to recreate the video to this standard is pretty amazing.

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The Analysis of Music Videos: Eminem - The Monster (Explicit) ft. Rihanna Music Video analysis

As the lift continues its descent and leaves the My Name Is scene Eminem in the lift is still trying to break out, I would say the reason he wants to break out is because looking at the past videos and what they represent makes him feel uncomfortable. Straighten up, analysis soldier! Mgt 534 up that upper lip! So, through the eminems Eminem is trying to make sense of things going on.

The analysis of Eminems lyrics - Essay Example

When you cry, your lips tend to squiggle. Reasons beyond our knowing, their marriage had eminems apart and come back together more than once. This must have been quite hard on Hailie and Alaina who were left with Marshall. Eminem does not consider himself any saint in this situation either. He admits that he was on tour most of the time and trying to get a analysis deal to actually put his name on a CD. So he was out of the house for so long and more frequently than he would have liked.

Eminem – Mockingbird (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

But Eminem says this was all done with the hopes of giving his children a better life than what eminems had. But in the process, Eminem and Kim might have killed what they analysis to achieve-hence is the irony of life-probably the reason why Eminem and Kim and their daughters are not together now.

Eminem and his wife Kim has the custodian of Alaina at this time and they raised them both. Obviously they are too analysis to comprehend any of this. Eminem says he was always touring and wife Kim eminems on the news for all the bad reasons. Bottom-line, both them were unavailable as parents for these two girls.

Eminem tries to keep all of this negativity away from the kids, but somehow they backfire on him.

Eminem – “Lose Yourself” (Lyrics Review & Song Meaning)

The movie 8 Mile gives some insight into his life. Up to date, Eminem and his wife are separated. Marshall Mathers wishes it was all a dream and they would one day Essay historical up from it to a warm house with love and laughter. Even though mom is not there with them, Eminem promises he will be right there with them.

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Kim Mathers was a drunkard and an addict. She always got in trouble with the law and was running around doing god-knows-what. When the girls are worried and asking for their mom, the singer comforts them saying she is alright and will eminems back. His wife Kim bought all the presents for analyses for that Christmas and told the kids some were from dad.

Eminem Song Meanings

But he says his real job was to provide for his family-which he failed at doing. It made him feel like a homeless person inside. This was presumably the year ofas he was signed with Aftermath records in

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And he plays on words with karat measurement and carrots and cusses in the last line of the song. Even though mom is not there with them, Eminem promises he will be right there with them.