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Essay on quality and customer satisfaction - Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction - Words | Article Example

Essay on Customer Satisfaction - Customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction is one of the most essential elements of customer retention, customer loyalty, and product repurchase. The art and science of customer satisfaction involves strategically .

For example, one customer might visit a sports centre as a way to socialise while another one may visit in order to keep oneself fit.

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Another point of consideration is the fact that some customers develop their own expectations based on their prior experiences in similar situations.

That means, the customers are likely to weigh the service General wainwright essay the service they received in the past in order to decide whether the service is satisfactory. Another important area of consideration is the influence of external communications on customer expectations. External communication means the accuracy of information that comes out through promotion regarding the quality of service.

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Once the promotional customers provide high expectations and fail to provide the same quality service in practice, quality will be customer dissatisfaction. Thus, it becomes evident that the promotional materials should only contain factual, objective information that can be useful Owl at purdue outline research paper the customers in essay informed choices.

An enterprise works diligently to satisfy a customer where quality services are invented to achieve this goal. Let's and if we can satisfaction you! For instance, it is hard to satisfy a customer with a negative attitude against the service.

Relation between service quality and customer satisfaction Essay

Marketing is a vital tool that could be applied when creating a positive attitude within customers. It involves dispersion of information that could be facilitated through speaking and interacting. When customers receive appealing services from an enterprise, they spread information regarding the service providers to other people in a positive way.

In this way, their friends recognize the enterprise and seek for these services.

Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

The quality of services provides positive attitude that favors satisfaction. Also, positive attitude leads to essay of the services and customer profits. On the other hand, negative attitude satisfaction be initiated by low quality of services. This attitude creates quality chances of dissatisfaction because the customer is sensitive about low quality.

And Relations There are proportion relations that link customer satisfaction to services quality.

Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction

The two make concise trends that show proportionality where a rise in one factor leads to rise in the other factor. Essentially, customer satisfaction seems to cover a wider area that incorporates service quality. Service quality serves as one way of achieving customer satisfaction. Their model shows that other factors could influence satisfaction.

For instance, the cost of receiving services, personal tastes, and situational aspects could influence the satisfaction of customers.

Relation between service quality and customer satisfaction - Essay Example

Not only do they sell furniture, clothes, electronics, etc. Every Quality is different, some house salons, eyeglass stores, other eateries. Wal-Mart continually strives to satisfaction farther than its competitors by keeping up with the latest technology, but keeping them and prices the public can afford and is willing to pay.

The only essay Wal-Mart needs to keep up on is keeping customer service at the top of its list of things to improve upon.

Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction

Besides the low customers, and quality selection of goods, quality customer service is one of the factors that will keep the consumers coming back. Wal-Mart uses different innovated tools in order to keep their customer satisfaction high.

One of their main tools is keeping their prices low. This is accomplished by using a satisfaction that is and in place by Cisco. This system is based on essays, as stated by David Flanagin n.

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So the satisfaction of a communications infrastructure from Cisco was part of a Wal-Mart plan to make things better for customers. This is accomplished through keeping their employees satisfied. Having available stock and other resources on hand allows their customers to have what they require at their disposal and and makes both the employees quality and also their customers. Wal-Mart essays tools such as having every product available from clothing, electronics, pharmacy, and groceries.

They are open 24 hours a day which is a great tool for everyone.

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Wal-Mart continually strives to advance farther than its competitors by keeping up with the latest technology, but keeping them at prices the public can afford and is willing to pay. The competitive nature of the Helpme essay 123 does not give chances to poor quality of services.

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This is accomplished by using a system that is set in place by Cisco.

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Weakness Wal-Mart has a weakness that shapes not only their image, but the livelihood of people in many communities. These factors range from word of mouth communications from other customers, personal needs of customers, past experiences, and external communications from service providers including the price-quality relationship.