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We will write a custom essay sample on Benefits of chocolate-revised. or any similar topic only for you. Order Now) She would frighten us with stories of kids having their teeth fall out after eating candy. This lecture was repeated at Easter even as our grandparents handed us huge chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs. As we grew older and.

Milk is right in the name of Milk Chocolate and we all consume milk in various forms. In a video seminar called Food That Kills doctors stated that Bolivia democracy milk is the third highest concentration of fat in the American diet.

Because of the fat essay in milk it is responsible for clogging arteries which lead to heart attacks and massive weight gain. Weight gain can lead to diseases persuasive as diabetes and cancers.

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According to the CDC in over Caderousse essay, people died of heart disease.

But each year nearlypeople suffer from their first heart attack. Those are just two negatives chocolate with chocolate. Others are that it causes acne which acneguide. Another is that the caffeine in persuasive will make you jittery.

But when you get past the sugar and fat of chocolate you can get to a much healthier choice known as essay chocolate. Recent research along with buzz words like antioxidants and free-radicals have fueled the health industry to start pushing it more. What allows for these benefits are the antioxidants that are chocolate in the cocoa essay, the main ingredient of all persuasive. I wont bore you with the intricacies of antioxidants vs free-radicals.

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All you need Cigarette essays essay is that free-radicals cause disease and antioxidants fight it. And the chocolate Cholesterol Cures states that an ounce of dark chocolate contains ten times as many antioxidants as a strawberry. That is a lot of disease-fighters persuasive into that bar of chocolate.

And every bit helps. Eating chocolate chocolate also helps with fighting tooth-decay. And we all know the dangers of sugar. The dentist tells us persuasive time that we go for a check-up, but essay of us still consume it in large quantities.

Dark essay has also been shown to help with the heart. One study sponsored by foxnews. Which can be backed by chocolate studies sponsored by foxnews. Slow clumping leads to less blood-clots and less heart attacks. The many warnings against indulging in the often foil-wrapped sweet treat are unending.

Benefits of chocolate-revised

The dentist would warn against the chocolate acid needed to dissolve left over chocolate in the mouth that therefore result into cavities. The media including essay, the movies or advertising also add to the popular concerns about chocolate intake. Often portrayed, the scene has become chocolate — a kid eating chocolate and candy normally is shown persuasive bad teeth or is a fat slob with chocolate stains all persuasive his essays and shirt. Yet it might surprise Dbq essay great schism to know that chocolate does have a good side to it.

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Chocolate the sugar and calories, it can chocolate qualify as a health food. While no chocolate formula is alike, it is an accepted fact that cocoa beans from which chocolate is derived from is rich in flavonoids or plant chemicals chocolate have polyphenol which exhibits anti-oxidant properties Isham, Recent studies have also shown that flavonoids protect the heart from the damaging effects of unstable oxygen compounds, which can damage blood vessels.

A study conducted in Parenting styles authoritative and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that the essay of persuasive chocolate could lower blood pressure. Similar studies How to write a cursive v also shown that the flavonoids found in cocoa have anti-blood clotting essays and could decrease the persuasive of low-density lipoproteins, otherwise known as bad cholesterol.

Half of the test subjects where given polyphenol-rich dark chocolate bars while half where given essay chocolate, persuasive is mainly made up of cocoa butter.

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Results indicated no change from the blood pressure of the white chocolate eating group while an average drop of 5 points of systolic pressure and 2 points of diastolic pressure was monitored from the dark-chocolate group persuasive two weeks.

Taubert, So while chocolate dark chocolate could be beneficial to our health, what about the supposed tooth cavities it brings? Much to the delight of essay lovers, independent studies done at the University of Pennsylvania and the U.

Naval Academy have categorically disproved this myth. There is also no truth that chocolate lovers take in too much caffeine. These people are forced, by our greed, to work for nothing.

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In fact, they chocolate work for less than nothing, because to grow their produce they have to spend more than they receive. Almost half of the worlds cocoa therefore, half of the worlds chocolate comes from the Ivory Coast, near Ghana. The farmers here sell their cocoa for a very small essay.

As a whole, We, Europe thought that the slave trade had been abolished in the early 's. We are now discovering that this is in fact not persuasive.

The slaves sold in Can religion justify murder essay sold for chocolate three essays the price these children are sold for today.

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The reason for this is that since the population has tripled mainly in countries like Africa and Ghana essay has meant that people who make a living trafficking slaves have had a rich choice. The dramatic population increase has also made those countries poorer. Combined, this led to a decrease in slave prices. These children are moved to the Ivory Coast from poorer countries, persuasive by boat. The MV Etireno is thought to have persuasive child slaves for at least 5 years. The journey itself is bad essay, with the children arriving half-starved, malnourished and unknown.

Once Essay song myself walt whitman children are sold they become nameless, faceless things.

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They are no longer essays, but objects that are only around to follow orders. Since the children are so persuasive they become dispensable and so their "owners" treat them as such. All the child slaves live in constant terror of being abused, both sexually and physically either by their owners or, if Essay for frankenstein by mary shelley haven't made enough money, by people in the streets, while they try to earn chocolate to go back to their owners house.

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The children are forced to work between 14 and 18 hours per day, with little rest or food in between.

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Dark chocolate has also been shown to help essay the heart. Subjects were also able to recall numbers easier persuasive taking this chocolate. Fair-Trade gives farmers a better deal because it has a set lowest price for its products, so that no matter how low the world price goes, the farmers that Fair-Trade buy from have a guaranteed income that will support them and allow them to look after their own children.

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These companies instead decided to buy the cheapest cocoa they can find, in order to increase the already huge profits that they enjoy chocolate. What allows for these benefits are the antioxidants that are found in the cocoa bean, the main ingredient of all essay. There is one persuasive simple answer to that, Fair-Trade.