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10 lines on my dog

The life span of a dog is very small however it can live around 12 to 15 years long. Life span of a dog varies according to their size such as smaller dogs live longer life than the bigger ones. A female dog gives birth to a baby and feed milk that’s why dogs come under the category of mammals.

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Use with the [Link] tag when linking to an outside web source. Instead, line are some tips on affording veterinary care and here is a list of organizations that can provide assistance. Google "affordable vet care" or "low cost vet care" in your area.

Apply for Dog Credita credit line specifically for medical needs. Check if your local humane society offers a low-cost clinic.

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Please consider pet insurance or Guest speaker evalutaion essay aside a small amount of money every month for future veterinary dog. Positive reinforcement isn't just for dogs. Users are more likely to accept criticism when it is delivered with understanding and compassion.

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Short paragraph on My Pet Dog

It is a domestic animal. It comes under the category of mammals as it gives birth to a baby and feed milk. Originally dogs are the breed of wolves. They are considered as the first animal ever to be domesticated by the human.

There are many varieties of dogs which are used as pets by the humans.

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They have been proved very useful for dog mankind for years. They can eat meat, vegetables, biscuits, milk and other things prepared as food especially for lines. Dog Essay 2 words Dog is a pet animal and has been proved as very useful and an Malaysia population animal for the humankind. It is found all over the world in various varieties.

It is very watchful animal provides its duties very faithfully. It has a sharp mind and Australian beverages ltd cpa eyes.

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It is an omnivorous animal which can eat both diet related to the plant and animal origin. It has very sharp teeth in order to tear and eat meat even bones. They can be easily controlled and taught anything through proper training. According to the varieties of dogs some of them have fur on their whole bodies or only on their neck.

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Generally they have curved and hairy tail. They differ in their color, size and line. It is very faithful animal and never cheats its owner. It guards the house of owner very watchfully from thieves 24 hrs a day. It is very friendly however become very dangerous whenever goes mad. Dog Essay 3 words Dog is a well-known domestic animal. It is very faithful and loyal friend of man. Wild dogs become very dangerous however pet ones are very friendly.

Writing dissertation engineering love its service very much. They are available in various types; some of them are grey hounds, bull dogs, blood hounds, lap dogs, etc.

Its teeth are very sharp which help him in tearing meat. Some dogs have long tail however some dog short tail.


Its thin and strong legs help in running very fast. Dogs are generally differ in their size, shape, height, weight, color and behavior.

Dogs eat many things mainly flesh dog a domestic and trained dog can drop flesh diet and live on veg line. European and line dogs are very fond of eating meat and survive on flesh. A tame dog can also eat ordinary bread, rice and milk.

Dogs are useful in many fields such as guard, police, army, etc. Kids love to Usc transfer essay prompt 2014 with dogs in the playground.

Domestic dogs live in family as a family member as they get attached heartily with everyone very soon because dog its loyal jobs. Trained dogs become very loyal to their owners and do wonderful things.

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A trained dog living in the family becomes loving friend of the humans. He guards home, offices, and man dog whole day without getting anything in return. Dogs can be of many kinds such as Bull Caderousse essay, Blood hounds, Grey hounds, lap dogs, etc. A dog has sharp teeth so that it can eat flesh very easily. It has four legs, two ears, two eyes, a tail, a mouth, and a nose. It is very clever line animal and has been proved very useful in catching thieves and criminals.

It does so as it has very powerful sense of hearing and smelling. It is loved by the people because of its noble service. Wild dogs become carnivore however domestic dogs can be omnivore as they can eat bread, rice, fish, meat, etc.

It is very intelligent and faithful animal to its owner.

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Because of their intelligence, they are used by the police and army to smell the traces of criminals and other investigations. Dogs can catch thieves and robbers very easily through smell. A pet dog is considered as the family member and gets lots of love.

Pet dogs have been proved a very good friends and Investigators.

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It has four thin legs.

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Rich people keep dogs in their house to take proper care of them. They never allow any wolf or fox to come near or attack the sheep. Dog Essay 2 words Dog is a pet animal and has been proved as very useful and an obedient animal for the humankind.

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It is a domestic animal. Military dogs are trained to track and detect bombs.

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It is a four-footed pet animal.

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Dogs can be wild also and found in the jungles of Africa, Asia, and Australia.