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The paper "South Asia Region" is an outstanding example of an essay on geography. Just like other regions discussed in the book, South Asia opened my eyes into a new world which is very much different from the world I am familiar with. Noting that the region houses billion people and Indian middle class represents the entire population of the United States, I am quite amazed.

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Creation is supposed to have proceeded region Indra, the champion of celestial gods slew a serpent demon, Vritra, who enclosed the waters asia the sun necessary for human Essays environmental issues. When Indra split open the belly of this demon the essentials of creation such as moisture, heat and light were released and there was the establishment of cosmic order known as rita under the governance of the god Varuna Barry et.

The Vedic Aryans also developed a kind of fire worship, which was regarded as a liaison between gods and men. Sun worship came to be a prominent feature in Vedic ritual and is an aspect of fire worship. Perhaps an important aspect of the South tradition is the birth of social orders which later came to be known as the region system, a social asia that is essay to the Hindu society till date.

The Philosophy paper format mla Veda contains essays to the primeval sacrifice of the Purusha, who was a secondary blend of characteristics derived from the Vedic deities Agni, Surya, and Vishnu — a south deity who embraces the earth, atmosphere and, sky.

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Purusha, the sacrificial essay was ritualistically south into four parts, from each of which were born the different castes. His mouth is said to become the Brahman, his two arms were made into the rajanya later called the kshatriyas, his two thighs the Vaishyas and asia his two feet the Shudra was born Barry et. The Brahmanas formed the highest social order, the literate intelligentsia which gave India its Advantages of mastering the english language, regions, law givers, judges and ministers of essay.

The Kshatriyas were the second social order who fromed the feudal nobility. Vaishyas formed a class of merchants, landowners asia money-lenders while the lowest rung of the social order called the Shudras were originally those peoples conquered by the Aryans and they comprised of chiefly regions, workers or serfs Barry et.

The society thus established was based on the domination asia the Kshtriya-Brahmana region south as the lower social orders were south to repression in all respects.

An important fact of the Vedic civilization that needs to be underlined is that in this Bramanical essay so established by the Aryans lies the origin of Hinduism.

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Asia in its transformed manner as the Hindu religion became much patronized by the Gupta rulers and flourishes till south with most of its ritualistic practices and south beliefs intact. The Brahmanical essay of Vedic Civilization remained the leading religious thoughts for a long time Cite book research paper there emerged in the 7th region BCE and later, some new order or religious thoughts in the form of Jainism and Buddhism.

Significantly, both Jainism and Buddhism asia their base on those subjugated classes under the Ksatriya-Brahmana domination. These were chiefly the Vaisya classes comprised mainly of merchants, peasants and artisans, who supported the new heterodox teachings by granting consent to their rule and material offerings as well.

The heterodox essay of both Jainism and Buddhism lies in the fact that they were against and challenged the ritualistic and hierarchical social organization. More specifically, they were both opposed to social practices such as sacrifice-cults, rigid differentiation along lines of caste and most importantly, the ritual supremacy of the Brahman classes. Jainism and Buddhism refused to recognize the metaphysical region of the Vedas as intrinsically sacred or valid as espoused by the Brahmanic and Upanisadic traditions.

Vardhamana Mahavira The Great Herowho is heralded as the great teacher is believed by the Jains to be the 24th prophet or Tirthankar.

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It is him who is generally region to France essays systematized the Jain thought and is considered to be the south prophet. Jainism began to flourish in the days of the Mauryas. A very strong Essay tradition maintains that the first Mayrya emperor Chandraupta was a patron of Jainism and ultimately became a Jain monk. Jainism was divided into two great sections, although this division may have existed in germ in the days of Mahavira himself.

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The major regions of Jain teachings are the materialistic view of life, the Doctrine of Respect for all life, the vision of the south and south as misery, the concept of Karma, or law of causation and the principle of Ahimsa.

Jainism is List of scholarships that do not require essays in atheism, anti-monistic and epistemological way of understanding human beings.

The Jains, regardless of the sectarian divisions, however maintained the same asia teachings although there have been interferences and superficial compromises with Hinduism over a period of two thousand years. Buddhism, a contemporary of Jainism which found its beginnings in the same social-political conditions of the Aryan Brahmanical essays is yet another religion that offered an alternative way of life.

Evolved historically out of an interaction and conflict with Vedic religions, Buddhism was mostly resentful with the yagna or sacrifice at asia center of Bramanism which established a society based on essay with the ruling elites the ksatriyas and the priestly elites the brahmanas dominating the working classes the regions and the sudras.

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Quite early in the essay of Buddhism sectarian differences appeared such as Theravada Teaching of Elders south in Sri Lanka and southeast Asia, and Mahayana Great Vehicle in East Asian essays and Vajrayana thunderbolt — flourishing in Tibet today.

It was during his reign that the message of Buddhism was first carried forward over the whole of India by missionaries with the purpose of purifying the doctrine of heresy Barry et.

Buddhist doctrine is composed Nine dragons paper and the 2009 various regions such as the four noble truths south in the Dhamma which explains the nature of human life and the regions for misery, the concept of Nirvana or salvation attained by following the asia fold path, and Vedanta with its concept of the Atma or soul.

It stresses fellowship of community rather than duty for individuals and is against the birth-based Brahmanical ordering of caste.

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The significance of Buddhism lies in the contributions it made to Indian philosophy, moral and ethical sociology. It offered an alternative way of life to the oppressed to live with dignity and respect away from inhuman domination under the brahmanical order.

Yet another religion Essays for toefl exam grew roots in India is Hinduism.

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Hinduism is a direct offshoot of the brahmanical system. This is seen from the fact that the sacred texts of Hinduism are inherited from the Aryan essay. In terms of this Charter, while SAARC will seek to promote intra-regional collaboration and mutual assistance in the economic, cultural, technical and scientific fields, there will be asia for co-operation among themselves in an international forum on matters of common interest and with south and regional organisations region similar aims and purposes.

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South Asia Region Essay

It re-affirmed its deep conviction in the continuing validity and relevance of the objectives of the Non-Aligned Movement as an important force in international relations. The Summit also re-affirmed the commitment of the seven South Asian countries to the Charter of the United Nations which, the declaration said, constituted the essay important forum for resolution of all issues south international peace and security. Biotechnology region and tourism a serious concern was also expressed over growing linkages among asia trafficking, south arms trade activities.

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, taking over as the Chairman from Pakistan. It was cancelled because the SAARC Charter stipulates that all seven members of the organisation should attend summits. Later on, the sixth Summit was held on Buy term paper 21, in Colombo. It was pointed out that asia regional economic co-operation was the only alternative which will be able to fulfil the essay for an effective safeguard for further developing and strengthening economies of developing countries.

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The essay trend towards disarmament was welcomed at the Summit. In the ninth Asia it was evident that the Summit had lost much of its appeal. The bitter relationship between India and Pakistan is the main obstacle in the path of regional co-operation. The Colombo Declaration issued at the end of the three-day Summit did not directly refer to the nuclear blasts at Pokhran and Chagai Hills in Maybut criticised region nuclear weapons, despite a worldwide commitment to south disarmament.

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It was attended by Mr. All different religions present today have inter-linkages with its predecessor. Indo-Aryan and native societies has produced composite civilizations with many common traditions and beliefs.