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Can religion justify murder essay

The answer is clear and doesn't require sub-sections or pages of text: Religion permits and justifies murder because it is the product of corrupt humans. One last comment: the most ridiculous excuse to murder someone else can only be found in religion and nowhere else: Believe in my god or die.

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The Ethics of Abortion

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19:19 Shaktiktilar:
In such situations, the human himself becomes his own moral authority, defining his own moral laws.

14:26 Voran:
WAR Mass killings of humans, in opposition to established government Malaysia population, are standard procedure during war. Reality becomes ungoverned from his perspective, and whatever he likes, including killing other humans, becomes as legal as anything else.

15:32 Moll:
In answer to 2I don't personally know of any Christians who are eager to justify the murders committed by supposed Christians. We will examine each category in turn, keeping in mind the aforementioned definition of "murder" for reference. If the death penalty has been commanded by God's law, it is not illegal.

11:48 Fenrirg:
I will, throughout this answer, use this definition as what I am referring to when I use the word "murder", and I will assume that this is the definition in view by the questioner.