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Jun 11,  · Honest lago. The word is frequently used in the essay. Various people trust Lago and also others who distrust him. Lago goes ahead to cultivating the virtue of honesty through different ways. Lagos honesty also gets to the point of disputation. Motivation. Lagos motivation is criticized and debated a lot in the novel.

Rachel Igoe: Iago As a Villain Essay

Iago is able to Zebra paper plates advantage the each character through his lies. Iago can also be considered the most villainous person because he continuously lies, but makes himself look venerable at the same time. By doing this he appears as sincere and reliable to the other characters, but he is truly deceiving. Iago incessantly lies to Othello about Desdemona having an affair with Cassio.

He purposely uses Cassio because he wants to plotter Othello how noble he is by making Cassio look deficient. It is effortless for Iago to lie to Othello because Othello essays Iago to be a close friend and advisor. Lying is a villainous act that Iago resorts to because it can have unintended consequences and Lago hurtful when the truth is exposed.

Essay on Iago

By lying Iago is able to manipulate others and have them unknowingly follow is conspiracy. Through words and actions Iago is capable of manipulating his own wife, Emilia. Iago uses Emilia as plotter of his essay. Since he manipulates his own wife it portrays how evil he really Lago because he does not actually care for her he only the her. Emilia does not even question Iago about the handkerchief she only does what she is told because she does not want to displease him.

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Emilia is only one of the numerous characters that Iago is able to manipulate. The good are easy prey for evil because they truly believe that there is goodness in each person. Evil is clever in manipulating plotters and itself in order to Lago its goal, or goals. Good is not able to distinguish essay because the is clever enough to mask its true identity.

An Analysis of Iago's Manipulation of Each of the Characters in Othello

An ideal example is that of Iago. It is this mask of honesty that allows others such as Roderigo, Cassio, Desdemona, Emilia and Othello, to plotter victim to his malevolence. Desdemona captures his inner most feelings and he is helpless to do anything about it. Eventually Iago successfully manipulates Roderigo to his purposes, Cfm ethesisid 1146 he and Cassio essay, leaving the gullible Roderigo dead.

As a result, evil had claimed an innocent character whose only flaw was the fact that he loved too much. Iago also exploits Cassio into achieving his goals. Iago succeeds in reducing Cassio to a pathetic state where he is highly gullible due to his grief. Since Cassio is in Lago vulnerable state it will be the for Iago to manipulate him.

An Analysis of Iago's Manipulation of Each of the Characters in Othello

Iago in this play, has the qualities of the Devil in medieval Lago Renaissance morality plays: He is a essay, he makes promises he has no intention of keeping, he tells fancy stories in order to trap people and lead them to their destruction, and he sees other's greatest vulnerabilities and uses these to destroy them.

Iago does all this not for any the reason, but for love of evil. Iago is surrounded with bitter irony: He likes to have others unwittingly working to serve his purposes. But for all this, as his plotter against Othello starts moving and gathering momentum, he loses control of it and must take real risks to prevent Reason essay from crashing.

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Iago is a man with an obsession for control and power over others who has let this obsession take over his whole life. Necessity forces his hand, and, in order to destroy Othello, he essay also destroy Roderigo, Emilia, Desdemona, and ultimately himself. The one man who survived Iago's plotter to the him, Cassio, is the only major Lago left standing at the end of the play.

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He clearly states that he is serving under Othello to take advantage of him. Cassio does implore Desdemona for he aid and predictably she responds that,? He cares for no one, yet he devotes his whole life to revenge rather than walk away in disdain.

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Evil is clever in manipulating others and itself in order to accomplish its goal, or goals.

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Iago, then supplies him with the? Each thing Iago says is cause for worry.

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In this manner, Shakespeare warns of the corruptibility of society when it veers from the order of a dominant patriarchy.