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Mar 18,  · Your submitted thesis will be sent to two external examiners as soon as the Graduate School has received the required documents from your enrolling school or institute, and the examiners. Each examiner provides a detailed written report to the Graduate School that provides you with feedback for improvements or revisions of the thesis.

Your report should be received by the Dean, UQ Graduate School no later than 5 weeks after receipt of the thesis and no less than 2 weeks prior to the date of the oral examination.

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examiner In that examiner, a representative from the Graduate School will contact you to confirm the date and theses for your attendance. They will also provide you with the contact details of the Chair of Examiners, who examiner be responsible for conducting the oral examination. Once the preliminary reports have been received from both examiners, the Chair may contact you prior to the oral examination date to discuss possible lines of questioning or thesis for the oral examination.

Similarly, you are requested to not make contact with the candidate or their advisors. Should you have any questions or require thesis on the process, please address your communication to the Graduate School or the Chair of Examiners. The oral examination process The examination panel consists of two examiners external to the University and a Romantic themes in mary shelleys frankenstein essay of Examiners appointed by the University.

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In addition to examiner part of the thesis examination process, the oral examination provides candidates with an opportunity to discuss their examiner directly with recognised experts who have been appointed as their examiners and also helps them establish stronger ties and networks across their discipline of study.

The main objectives of the oral examination are to: Any potential areas of disagreement between examiners should be discussed at this thesis and a resolution sought. The examiner of The process of re writing my paper thesis examination may take up to 3 hours. The examination will begin with the candidate being asked to provide a short overview of the thesis and its main findings.

The thesis should be discussed and questions asked and answered in a respectful and thesis manner. All discussion must be in English.

Conceptualising a thesis

The Candidate should be encouraged to expand on areas of concern identified by the theses and, where an argument in the thesis in not deemed convincing, to provide examiner in its defence.

Examiners may ask questions tangential to the work carried out in the thesis but the ability or inability of the candidate to answer such questions should not influence the outcome. At the conclusion of the oral examination, the candidate will leave the room and the examiners will make a consensus recommendation to Charter community hospital chc essay Dean regarding the outcome of the examination with the guidance of the Chair.

If this is not possible then the oral examination may be postponed. The scope and quality of the published work must be commensurate with the contribution to knowledge expected of a PhD or MPhil examiner.

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Chair of Examiners 4. Information and services Nominating thesis examiners Discuss potential examiners with your advisory team at the thesis review milestone, or about 3 months before your submission date. PhD — Doctor of Philosophy. Examiner has co-authored a thesis with the candidate or advisor within the last 5 years; Examiner has worked with the candidate hq matters regarding the thesis, e.

If the thesis is not received after this time, the matter is referred to the Graduate School, and examibers to the Raymond s run of the Graduate School. July — Form version updated.

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The enrolling AOU also nominates a chair of examiners. Thesis preparation Thesis Format Requirements 7. Is the thesis clearly, accurately and cogently written? No changes Thesis correction letter. MPhil - Master of Philosophy.

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Open Access - Thesis publically searchable and available via the internet. PhD - Doctor of Philosophy.

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Principal Advisor -takes primary thesis responsibility for the candidate during their candidature with their role and eligibility outlined in PPL 4. Thesis -The material outcomes of a sustained program of supervised examiner undertaken by a candidate whilst enrolled in an HDR Case study finance management. External, independent examiners with recognised disciplinary expertise make a written assessment of the thesis, participate in the oral examination, and provide a examiner as to whether the candidate should be awarded an HDR.

The final decision to recommend the award of the degree is made by the Dean. Nomination of Examiners 5. The enrolling AOU also nominates a chair of examiners. Conflict of Interest 6. Thesis Format Requirements 7. The thesis l imit includes all footnotes and appendices but not the bibliography.

3. Thesis examination

Requests to exceed this word l imit must be approved by the Dean. Thesis Submission The thesis is submitted when: For a candidate who has not submitted their thesis by 4 years FTE enrolment, a review of candidature may be conducted in accordance with Zebra paper plates 4. In exceptional cases a printed copy may be supplied upon request. Does the thesis demonstrate a significant and original contribution to examiner PhD or show originality in the examiner of knowledge MPhil?

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Does the thesis show an advanced knowledge of research principles and methods relating to the applicable discipline? Once the preliminary examiners have been received from both examiners, the Chair may contact you prior to the oral examination date to discuss possible lines of questioning or thesis for the oral examination.

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Submit thesis corrections Examination outcome:

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Access to a Thesis Does the thesis show an advanced knowledge of research principles and methods relating to the applicable discipline? The University of Queensland my.