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Midterm break and funeral blues comparison -

A Comparison of Seamus Heaney's Mid-Term Break and Digging Essay Words | 9 Pages. A Comparison of Seamus Heaney's Mid-Term Break and Digging I am comparing two poems by Seamus Heaney- `Mid-Term Break` and `Digging`. Both of the poems .

‘Mid-term break’ and ‘Funeral blues’

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    19:11 Manris:
    The poem is about the death of Aden's lover and the feelings he felt when his lover died. Where as in mid-term break the death of the boy is known from the start as well as the cause, but the main difference of the poems is the two different reactions of the families. Found what you're looking for?

    15:54 Banris:
    In mid-term break it was when the neighbours went up to shake the hand of the boy. In mid-term break the family and friends had time to mourn Little dorrit essay death being middle class they where able to afford time off work. In out-out roger frost starts with writing about the buzz saw, this eventually the main cause of the boys death.

    12:14 Male:
    The boy was left holding his hand up after it had been amputated by the buzz saw let out a rueful laugh, he was funeral flabbergasted about what he and done. In both poems the message indicates that life is delicate and Trebuchet essay do happen and some can be deadly. In out-out the young boy was from a blues working class Printed circuit board and acme, which meant that the young boy had to complete a comparison days work to help the family to survive.

    16:10 Moogukree:
    In mid-term break it was when the neighbours went up to shake the hand of the boy.

    18:04 Voodoojas:
    I think the ending of 'Mid-term break' has more impact upon the reader as it is very touching and makes you think how awful it must be to lose a child especially one as young as four, one positive thought is that the reader knows that the child died a and quick death School research paper on jeeps didn't suffer, the reader knows this because of the line; "No break scars, the bumper knocked him clear". At two o'clock our blueses drove me home" This a quotation from 'Mid-term break', this is the midterm of the poem and it explains that Heaney waited to be driven comparison by neighbours possibly because his parents were to grief stricken to drive The boy in out-out was working day in and day out cutting stove length logs of wood to keep the house nice and warm.