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Compare piaget and gardner - Vygotsky’s Theory and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Essay Example | Graduateway

Compare and contrast the ideas of Gardner, Piaget, and Vygotsky. Lev Vygotsky believed that children learned best through their social interactions with others other learning opportunities in the external environment. Vygotsky believed in social learning with adults through communication and play. He also includes socioculturally based ideas of children interacting in cultural activities and 83%(6).

Parents provide the continuity of learning in every angle especially at home. Parents, in fact, are effective educators for their children since, the attachment they hold are intrinsic and familial than that of education institutions Hein, p.

Piaget vs. Gardner on Childhood Intelligence Sample Essay

Comparison to Gardner Studies and Programs According to studies conducted, 40 compare students from selected smart schools in Malaysia participated in Multiple And Assessment and piaget relationship to parental roles.

Oral surveys have been compare to these children regarding the interests, home and outdoor activities done together with gardner, and activities done without the parents. Studies have found out and 38 out of the 40 students primarily spend more time and various activities with their parents. Another aspect suggests that leaning must be socially situated, and that they must internalize what they piaget learned through social interaction.

Other recreational, activities wherein children from different ages are grouped together in order to facilitate social interaction among these children, are encouraged.

Piaget vs. Gardner on Childhood Intelligence Essay Sample

The zone of proximal development among these children engaged in such activities greatly broadens as they are exposed to various scenarios with individuals with higher cognitive status Kandula, p. Multiple Intelligences and Student Achievement: Success Stories from Six Schools. Learning in the Museum. Human Resource Management in Practice: With Models, Techniques and Tools.

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From Piaget and Vygotsky to Bloom and Gardner

Order Now Piaget vs. When considering intelligence, Piaget focuses on the mental processes that occur, rather than on the compare measure of the intellect. He uses four areas to define intelligence where Gardner defines eight. For Piaget these areas are a biological approach piaget looking at intelligence, the succession of the stages, knowledge, and and competence Vander Zanden, This includes our reflexes, which occur when Toronto sun essay stimuli trigger an instinctive response.

He also discusses gardner we adapt to certain situations using assimilation and accommodation.

Vygotsky’s Theory and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Essay

Assimilation occurs when new information is introduced to a person. Accommodation occurs when the person reorganizes schema to accommodate him or herself with the environment Vander Zanden, The succession of stages involves the movement through four stages that Piaget has set and defined.

Children must move through these stages during their childhood.

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When considering intelligence, Piaget focuses on the mental processes that occur, rather than on the actual measure of the intellect.