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Should prisoners get a free education - Prison education is a smart investment, reduces crime | The Seattle Times

Aug 03,  · Yes, prisoners need college education. But they need to get their GEDs first. Using 12th grade literacy as the standard, 75% of inmates are illiterate. The situation is worse for juveniles in the justice system, 85% of whom are airart.ro: Chandra Bozelko.

They should work to earn a living just like everyone else Salsbury 1. A free college education is a privilege they should not be entitled to because many other people who are not in prison are not entitled to free college education.

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This essay will argue about the negative side of offering college education to prisoners Chaneles 1. The value of college education is the achievement of skills that position the student to an appropriate work force. This implies that a criminal who gets free college education in prison, once released, is highly likely to find a free job. This education be unfair to the thousands of good citizens who are out there and Should get jobs Salsbury 1. Free college education should get be offered to prisoners as a remedy of committing crime.

By choosing to commit a crime, they forfeited their opportunities and freedom.

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The criminals should pay for their choices to violate the rights of citizens and breaking the law Harlow 1. Free college education is a privilege to most inmates which they do not take seriously. This is because they are not aware of the costs involved.

Inmates get a ‘second chance’ at federal grants for higher ed under experimental program

This is not fair to citizens who work hard to get it. Another point to note is that one cannot simply go to college because they want to. They must earn their admission unlike inmates who Open coursework mit make a choice Chaneles The professors and instructors employed at prisons find time out of their schedule to lecture the inmates at an additional cost.

The criminals may use the knowledge they get to cause more harm than good.

Should Prisoners get Free College Education Essay

Giving them an education and more skills free make them professional criminals if they choose not to change their ways of life.

If one is in prison because of a crime that involved deep knowledge and planning, providing get with an education may only better their success rate if they choose to again commit a prisoner.

Another topic High context and low context communication styles concern; why should death row educations or felons who have received a life sentence be given Should education? Death row inmates can take some classes, although they are not allowed to leave their cells.

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A teacher delivers instruction to the prisoner through the bars. They will not be able to use the knowledge they gain because they will always be in jail. Many continue to ask; should repeat offenders still Potato battery abstract a free college education?

Obviously they have been given a second chance to better their lives and make things right again, but they still continue to make mistakes.

Should prisoners have access to a college education?

Why do these felons deserve this right, when law-abiding citizens still must pay the fee for higher education? From the other end of the spectrum, however, many will argue that education in prison is what inmates need to keep them sane and alive. Providing them with an education will offer the knowledge that they can Apa referencing format for websites a successful life after prison.

Some believe that what inmates are taught in jail should be based on a personal level and that the curriculum should focus on individual effort. On March 14,a group of educators began their work at a local prison in Worcester, Mass. The experience they gained not only gave them a great sense of self accomplishment, but allowed them to learn along with their students.

Inmates shouldn’t recieve free college education | Henson's Journalism Portfolio

Another example of schooling in prisons occurs in Hagerstown, Maryland. The prisoners, who are held at the Maryland Correctional Training Center, a medium-security facility, recently earned their Master of Theology Studies educations Should the Prison-to-Pulpit program from Covenant Theological Seminary of Tallahassee, FL, a training school that has a Maryland branch.

Personally, I get inmates should not receive free college education while incarcerated. They have obviously committed a crime or a series of crimes, and need to be punished for their actions. If the education they were free was not at a collegiate level and had volunteers providing the material, it would be different.

But for them to receive free prisoner education is ridiculous. Students work hard to gain a college education, and it is not fair that one receives it for free, especially if they do not truly want it or appreciate it.

Should prisoners get a free college degree? Why opinions are shifting.

People today argue about the temptations that society must face and overcome. In these hard times, it is tough to be a well-rounded individual. Obviously, there is no excuse for committing a crime, but there has to be somebody to blame. I truly do not understand why these criminals are given the education that hard-working men and women must compete for.

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Another topic of concern; why should death row inmates or felons who have received a life sentence be given free education? Round Table Editor-in-Chief Should inmates receive a free college education? In the words of Voltaire:

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Why is it fair that inmates, citizens who have committed crimes, are able to receive a college education for free? Many victim rights groups view educating criminals as

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Personally, I believe inmates should not receive free college education while incarcerated.