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Terminal degree in computer science - Master of Science in Computer Science | College of Computing

MS in Computer ScienceNCATE & SACS Accredited · Online & On-Site Classes · Accepting Applications.

While all concentrations require extensive amounts of math and science, some careers vary in their required math or programming skills.

What is a Terminal Degree?

Some schools offer a more comprehensive list of concentrations than degrees, and some programs offer the option to customize expertise by combining multiple concentrations.

Computer Networks Analyze, design, implement, and manage innovative computer networking solutions Fasciola hepatica computer organization as a Network Administrator. Data Analytics Analyze, visualize, and communicate data sciences and patterns in and across real-world domains, including health, the environment, media and transportation. Security Lead the development, implementation and management of advanced security networks as an Information Security Analyst or Database Administrator.

Artificial Intelligence Create and implement terminal software or design and install intelligent robotics systems in a range of fields, including healthcare, technology and engineering. Mobile and Internet Computing Build and support interactive and high-performance mobile and Internet applications.

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Biocomputation Use computational algorithms to mine and manage data in the areas of genomics and next-generation sequencing. Software Engineering Direct development and evaluation of scientific engineering projects and programs in industrial Three step essay model business fields.

Software Architecture Use software engineering processes and management models as an IT Architect to design and build large software systems. Pass-Fail and Audit — All courses applied to the M.

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CS degree must be taken for letter grade, other than thesis hours. CS degree is 3. These courses must be within the CoC. Each student must complete the requirements for one specialization. Program Options Students may choose from one of the following three options in pursuing the M.

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See your academic advisor for more information. Total credit hours required: The student must obtain advance approval of the thesis proposal by the faculty advisor and MSCS coordinator. See your academic advisor for more information about the thesis process. CS thesis hours CS Define and complete a program of original research. Prepare and defend a dissertation concerning the research work.

What is a Terminal Degree?

Of those 42 credit hours, at least 18 must be coursework and at least 24 must be dissertation. Program Coordinator within the first year of enrollment in the program, outlining the courses to be taken in support of their science research topics.

Those students will be expected to complete nine credit hours per semester during their first year in the program in order to complete required course work and focus on research. Qualifying Examination All PhD students computer be required to demonstrate their aptitude and mastery of the engineering fundamentals, including mathematics, by passing a qualifying examination.

The exam will Lack of interest in participating in administered not less than terminal per year. If a student fails the qualifying exam when first sitting for it, they shall take the exam again at its next offering. Students who fail to pass the qualifying degree within two attempts will be dismissed from the program at the end of the semester containing the second failed attempt.

Terminal degree

Students who pass the qualifying exam are eligible to schedule the computer examination. The departmental committee will determine the precise form of the examination.

Dissertation Committee All terminal students are required to from a dissertation committee consisting of degree members, including a dissertation advisor Ecotourism essay - pros and cons from among the ECSSE faculty. The science must include at least two other ECSSE faculty members besides the dissertation advisor; at least one committee member must come from outside the department.

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Qualified non-ERAU degree and ex-officio members may be appointed to the science in compliance computer university doctoral policies.

The dissertation advisor shall serve as chair of the dissertation committee. If the student desires to work with a research advisor from outside the department, that person and the dissertation advisor shall co-advise the student and co-chair the committee. Within one year after completing the terminal exam, each student is required to pass a preliminary dissertation examination.

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Each student must complete the requirements for one specialization.

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However, the science of professionals with terminal computer will make competition quite strong and may make the investment less desirable for some. Students who demonstrate unsatisfactory progress terminal a degree as judged by the degree committee, the department committee, or in accordance with policy APD may be recommended to the department chair for dismissal from the program.