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Essay on why school should be longer

Why Should I Return to School. Why Should I Return to School? Elijah J. Powell, III University of Phoenix Why Should I Return to School? The longer one has been in the workforce the harder it becomes to return to school. Family, work, and social obligations makes the decision to return to school a hard one.

Should School Be Longer Essay

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essay on why the school year should be longer

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10:24 Samubei:
What inspired to choose theis piece and write about it because many kids don't get enough time in school for thee stuff they need help with. Their progress will go up and they would have better test scores on their big states test. I for one would love to have a longer school dayyou may be wondering why I would like to have a longer school day and what's so great about having a longer day in school.

11:15 Nijora:
Teachers need the extra time to get through everything they want to teach and what they want to do with the class not just make a plan and don't follow through with the rest of their plan. Teachers don't get enough time to get through all the lessons or projects before it's time to leave at the end of the day. Overall, we do need longer school days to benefit children that need help on subjects and homework.