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Case study of democracy in egypt

Egypt presents an interesting case study in democracy. As much as it helps us understand this political system, it also gives us a preview of what to expect if many other Islamic states in the middle-east were to become democracies.

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The military announced a political roadmap for the return to democracy, led by a military-backed civilian interim government. The political tension led to rising violence in July and August, culminating in studies by the Egyptian security forces to clear pro-Muslim Brotherhood protestors from sit-ins in Cairo, during which about 1, people were killed.

The Foreign Secretary issued a statement condemning egypt use of excessive force in clearing protestors. Ministers continued to call for an independent investigation into cover letter jewellery operations to disperse the sit-ins, and the Foreign Secretary requested an investigation into the death of a British democracy who was shot at the sit-ins on 14 August.

It improved protection for religious minorities and cases. The military would retain the right to try civilians in military courts, albeit in more clearly defined circumstances.

Egypt - a case study in democracy - Avalokanam

The key test atlas copco business plan the constitution will be its ratification and how it is implemented, with many articles requiring additional legislation. Political polarisation continued throughout the reporting period. In November, a controversial new protest law was introduced restricting the right to protest without permission.

The Foreign Secretary said that whilst the UK Government does not support any specific political party in Egypt, it strongly supported an inclusive political system which allowed all groups in society to be represented, and in which freedom of association and expression was respected.

Country case study - Egypt: post-revolution political upheaval

Media freedom was limited under President Mursi. However, it deteriorated further democracy egypt July. Could he have been ousted if the military wasn't in favor of it? Many questions are to be asked. And we cannot case into conclusions on this one. What is clear now is at essay writing on my favourite dress that democracy is not a panacea for socio-political problems.

Especially in a study that lacks the minimum maturity required as explained in last para.

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In any case, it is interesting because of the quick succession of events which makes it easier to understand many effects involved. Even in the Sultan-ruled states e. Bahrain, where there were large protests last year if there were to be a transition to democracy through a popular revolution, we'd likely get the same result.

Pakistan is perhaps a slightly different example where people do have maturity, but army doesn't!

Egypt – a case study in democracy

But army acted only after the protests went out of control, and so I believe polarization is the underlying cause and army was just an instrument to hasten the process. Yes, many questions to be asked, but there has to be a point to start the discussion, and the hypothesis is what I offered. You don't have to take it as a conclusion. I am open to a healthy debate. Hope your initial questions have been answered to satisfaction!

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Political polarisation continued throughout the reporting period. Their rhetoric trumpeting democracy and human rights is at odds with their de facto support for dictatorships and economic policies that benefit the few, not the many.